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Every state has trademark requirements that must be followed when a person is filing their application. The main purpose of a trademark is to stop other parties and rivals from using the same mark or service as their own. Based on the application, trademarks may also prevent products that are not the same but similar from being produced and sold by competitors.

If a person is selling goods or they want to distinguish their brand, they should have it identified by a trademark. If they are offering specific services, then they will need a service mark to get them the legal protection they need. It is vital to note that the owner of the trademark is liable for any lawsuits or legal disputes that occur regarding the mark.

Trademarks and service marks can be complicated as they are divided into further categories. They can be fanciful invented symbols, arbitrary words that do not have a meaning but relate to a good or service, or suggestive, meaning that it is legally distinctive. To properly understand the trademark application process, individuals should get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in registering trademarks, so they do not make any mistakes during the process.

To apply for a trademark, a person first must make sure they meet the definition of what a trademark is. They must choose their trademark style and it is essential that they make sure their trademark is available by completing a thorough search. A person must also make sure they clarify the reasons that they are filing the trademark or service mark to begin with.

If a person does not follow all the steps, they will not be able to successfully register their trademark and if their mark is similar to another registered trademark then a person may just end up in court for infringing on the rights of the other mark holder.

Speaking to a trademark attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A trademark attorney can help a person conduct a full search and get a person the clearance they need to successfully continue with their business. Until a person has a trademark, their product may be vulnerable to theft and unlawful imitation and this can cause a significant amount of financial loss on their behalf.

Anyone who is suffering due to the infringement of their trademark, or anyone whose business is harmed at the hands of another party should reach out to an attorney to assist them with the legalities of their case.

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